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Who hacked Melissa McCarpy?

A thrilling and immersive interactive detective-style physical and online escape game featuring puzzles, clues and problem-solving.

Now funding on Kickstarter!

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About the game

The race is on to discover the criminal behind the infamous hacking of Melissa McCarpy.

Dive into a world of aquatic intrigue and scale up your strategic thinking with the help of the Cyber Defence League’s number 1 agent - codenamed The Codfather.

Use your detective skills and the contents of your secret government file and get ready to tackle challenges and navigate a sea of opportunities as you embark on a quest to find the hacker!

Whether you're a seasoned angler of tabletop games or a rookie just dipping your toes in the water, The Codfather offers an ocean of entertainment that's perfect for any school of players.

Get ready to "seas" the day and embark on a journey that's packed to the gills with laughter, strategy, and a boatload of fish puns that will have you reeling for more.

Remember, in the world of The Codfather, every tide is a turning point, and every fish is a potential suspect. They'll try to wriggle free and won't take any old bait.

The Codfather is a fin-tastic tabletop game where you'll need to cast your net wide and keep all of your wits about you!


  • Physical/table top game played with an online app

  • Easy shipping: contents in a presentation folder

  • Play individually or as a team

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Xcapism Games is led by Meera Mehta, Bob Bryden and Steve Phillips - three creatives with over 20 years experience across creative industries. 

This was born through Xcapism Learning a training and awareness company specialising in immersive gamified experiences that truly bring learning to life.

We have a shared passion in creating fun interactive products that have a positive and lasting impact on everyone who plays them.

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